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Health Certificates & Travel info

Importing Pets - Travelling with your pet to St. Maarten

When coming to St. Maarten with your pet(s) you will need an import permit prior to travelling to St. Maarten.
Please contact the Inspection Department at least two weeks before your travel date to St. Maarten and to request additional information.
Inspection Department TEZVT - Agriculture,

Livestock and Fisheries Zoutsteeg nr. 3,
Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Exporting Pets - Leaving St. Maarten with your pets

Below is a brief summary of travel requirements for your pets to a few countries:

USA & Canada
-Valid Rabies Vaccination
-Health Certificate from a veterinarian in St. Maarten, issued within 7 days of travel

Mainland Europe
-Microchip identification
-Valid Rabies Vaccination
-EU veterinary Health Certificate issued  by a certified veterinarian within 7 days of travel

  • We recommend that our clients contact the tourism or travel department of  the country to which they are travelling in order to get updated information.
  • Please note also that each airline will have specific requirements regarding pet travel (carrier/cage sizes, restrictions regarding the breed of the pet etc.)

Please feel free to contact the Animal Hospital at 544-4111/2  to get more information and for guidance as to the next steps for travelling with your pet. We will also provide you with the information for the required procedures, issue health certificates and other needed documentation.