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We recognize that staying away from home can be a strain on pets and families. Our staff make every effort to provide a home away from home for our guests. 

Animal Hospital boarding offers: 

  • Clean and comfortable pet kennels
  • Veterinary supervision
  • Bathing service available during stay 
  • Proper nutrition – critical to good health 
  • Attention to your pet's special needs 
  • Individual play time 

 Don’t want to vacation with your pet? 

The Animal Hospital of St. Maarten is the perfect place to board your special friend. With comfortable accommodations, which are properly cleaned and sanitized, each pet is regularly provided with fresh food and water. We provide loving care when your pet needs a “home away from home”. Your pet is regularly walked and monitored to ensure his health and happiness.

Pet Boarding Services


  • veterinary supervised dog and cat lodging 
  • clean and comfortable kennels 
  • veterinary service available during stay 
  • bathing service available during stay 
  • proper nutrition - critical to good health


The environment is appropriately ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature.
Each suite is regularly provided with fresh water and properly cleaned and sanitized. 

Your “best friend” is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness.

VACCINATIONS In order for us to safely board your pets, we do require the following vaccinations. If your pet’s vaccinations are not current we can do at the time of boarding. Additionally, if your pet has fleas and/or ticks at the time of drop off we will treat them right away to protect our other boarders. We strongly recommend having your pets on Heartworm prevention year-round.


  • Distemper/Parvo Combination 
  • Rabies (if pet not native to the island)
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) 


  • Feline Leukemia 
  • Respiratory Combination (FVRCP)


We have learned from experience that most pets staying with us actually show little interest in personal items. Food and water dishes will be provided. We request that your do not bring small toys, small raw hides, bedding, or dishes from home. Bedding will be provided for your pet. This will insure that the bedding will always be clean. It will be changed as soon as it becomes soiled. This also eliminates the loss of personal bedding and towels.